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Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa (Sugar Free)
Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa (Sugar Free)Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa (Sugar Free)Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa (Sugar Free)Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa (Sugar Free)
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Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa (Sugar Free)

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Zabr Kashmiri Kahwa:

Ideal for diabetic individuals, this Kashmiri Kahwa is sugar-free and refreshes the digestive system by detoxifying it. A perfect drink to kick start the day it contains essential nutrients to boost your energy and keep you active.

1. Improves Digestion

Kahwa tea helps to cleanse the digestive system and improves metabolism. It is also known to ease digestive problems such as constipation. It works best during winters. Not only this, it also helps cleanse your tummy well. A cupful of kehwa tea first thing in the morning can help kick start your digestion properly.

2. Burns Fat

In Kashmiri households, it is served after meals since it not only aids in digestion but also helps to wash away fat, thus making it an ideal addition to a weight watcher’s diet. It also helps to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels and thus reduces the risk of heart diseases.

3. Builds Immunity

The saffron present in Kahwa tea is an excellent source of vitamin B12, which helps to recharge the body’s defense system. The many antioxidants present in the tea can help keep your body free from any infection or ailment, especially during winters.

4. Stress Buster

Being rich in antioxidants, kahwa tea helps to make you feel relaxed and reduces anxiety levels. It also helps to counteract against the negative effects of stress induced toxins in the body. Few sips of kahwa tea can release all the stress and anxiety that is caused by professional or personal fronts.

5. Remedy for Cold

It serves as a perfect home remedy for cold, sore throat, and chest congestion. It also helps to get rid of the phlegm that develops during cold. The warm beverage helps cure congestion in the chest, further curing cold and cough. So, if you have a severe cold, look no further, because kehwa tea is perfect solution to your problem.

6. Improves Skin Health

The presence of antioxidants helps to moisturize the skin and reduce the occurrence of acne. The crushed almonds added to the tea also work well to cleanse the skin and bring about a natural glow. A cup of warm kehwa tea can ensure healthy and glowing skin, especially during winters. In winters, you can experience dull and dry skin that looks pale.

7. Energy Booster

Kahwa tea is not only a great way to kick start the day but also helps to instantly recharge you whenever you feel tired or lethargic. It is the perfect beverage to relieve headaches, cheer you up and to make you feel more active. A cup of tea in mid hour of the work day will perfectly cheer you up and ensure that you work more efficiently.

Product Details:

  • Specialty: Rich in Anti-Oxidants
  • Purity: 100% Natural
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • Pack Type: Jar

Note: For single item purchase, MOQ is 3 Pieces

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